About me

Hi there!

My name is Eduardo de Sousa Fernandes and welcome to my portfolio :)

Throughout these years I've created tons of small projects (games / tools / websites) in various programming languages, such as C#,C,Lua,PHP. You can check some of them at the Projects tab!

Finished my degree on Computer Engineering (Instituto Politécnico de Beja - Portugal), and I'm currently working at Philips Healthcare (Belfast)!

I've always enjoyed creating things like robots, lego and other weird inventions. My passion as always been programming new innovating

Feel free to contact me using the following :

Email : [email protected]

Github : edunad


Portuguese (Mother Tongue) Fluent
English Fluent
Spanish Fluent


C# Advanced knowledge
Java Advanced knowledge
C Advanced knowledge
PHP Advanced knowledge
HTML Advanced knowledge
JavaScript / Typescript Advanced knowledge
SQL Advanced knowledge
NodeJS Advanced knowledge
C++ Average knowledge
Python Average knowledge
Lua Average knowledge


Coding :)
Building lego robots
Cooking, and trying out new combinations of food
Playing games with friends (Board / Videogames)
Listening to music