Others & Beyond

AlyxStory was created by me. The mod focuses on Alyx, and her story before meeting up with the all mighty freeman. Following the original Half-Life 2 story.

The Dragon's Curse was created for skyrim, allowing you to transform into a dragon and flying around killing people or just having fun.

CakeUI was created by me, using SharpDX. Its a graphical user interface, aka GUI. It was made for Prototype Earth and it might be public once its completed

Steamware was created on XNA to test out multiplayer. The game consists on beating minigames, the player with most wins, wins the game!

Expression2 Packs This is how i started, i've released a lot of expression2 for garrysmod.

Made with source engine (hammer) for metaconstruct :D

Made using STEAMWORKS, it acted like the old school adventure games, allowing you to choose your path and use weapons / items!